Top 3 website/apps to get free sample products

Ever wonder if you can truly get free stuff online? People always wonder about free samples..well,you guys must be thinking that I am  joking,but I am not.

So today I'm going to tell you how to get free samples! You can get free sample products and It's awesome! I'm even showing off some of my free sample haul!

1. Smytten

So,Smytten is a website or app from where you can buy skincare,makeup & beauty products but what makes smytten different is that they provide free sample products....yes free sample products before you buy,you can try the sample products & after when you try their sample products you can give review them and earn points,they reverse your earn points on next purchase,which mean you can get again sample products with whatever you buy.also you can select your sample products,which you want to try.

For these sample you only have to pay their shipping charges,which is Rs-75/- only.

Isn't its amazing,you can download smytten the from google play store or app store.
2. Reward me

Reward me is a website,which provide beauty,wellness or other products, they also provide free sample products and you don't have to pay single penny for have go their website - sign up and fill the required details and enjoy your free sample products.

3. All good scents

Its a basically kind of subscription box from where you can tons of variety of the perfumes,and you don't have to subscribe  both together with them. you can choose your fragrances whenever you want.The interesting part is that every month you can choose 3 samples of perfumes,which you want to try,the cost of every sample of perfume is rs 55/- so the 3 samples plus free delivery they charge total Rs 165/- Rupees. You guys must be thinking that from which angle I am saying that its free sample providng website but trust me it is.Once you buy the 3 sample they will give a coupon with a discount code,where on your 2nd purchase on any full size perfume they will get a discount of Rs 165/- which means your first sample box is free.

Disclaimer - This blog not sponsored with anyone or not collaborated with any company.I am sharing with you so, that you guys also enjoy the free stuff.


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